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EP08: OnlyFans Content Creator Paraprincess77

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This week the WWSD Podcast interviews Para, an OnlyFans content creator.

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This week the WWSD Podcast interviews Paraprincess77, an OnlyFans content creator. We discuss the in and outs of the OnlyFans community from content creators point of view. The check out the post show 

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thank you for joining the wwsd podcast i'm here kyle and sheamus as always but today we have a special guest uh she's a good friend of mine kind of we just met on reddit like a few days ago but she's been really cool with me so far her name is pera and she does a only fan site she's a content creator and a pretty big only fans of about 4 000 pictures 600 videos lots of content i was generally surprised so much content i know kyle was a bit surprised so much content but she's been really cool and she's gonna kind of answer some of our questions today because this is an industry we've been kind of fascinated with we just couldn't really find anyone like it's really hard to find people that want to talk about this kind of thing and she's really cool about it and she's going to kind of answer her questions and as listeners i hope you guys enjoy all right era if you want to go ahead and introduce yourself um so i go by pair of princess 77 on only fans um i'm 43 years old i'm a single mom and i work as a paramedic which is partly how i got my name and i've had a lot of people call me princess just joking around so i kind of paired the two together and 77 is the year i was born um so i originally got started um i i want to say three or four years ago um an ex-boyfriend of mine introduced me to tumblr which i'm sure enough a lot of people kind of know about um and i um it was kind of just more to like look at like hot pictures and videos that was already posted but then i started seeing like one of people posting pictures and videos of themselves and i thought well that's really cool and found myself to be a bit of a um exhibitionist myself so i started posting slowly posting pictures and really quickly started getting a lot of attention and it was just like this is really fun and exciting so um i kind of just took off from there i was on tumblr and that was all i was on it's all i did it's not like i really got paid to do anything it was just for fun and then somebody suggested i do a premium snapchat so i tried that for a little while towards the end of i guess 2000 2018 and i i it sucked it was so hard to um keep tracked up track of as far as payment goes and i didn't like it tumblr went to [ __ ] when they did their um nsfw where they weren't weren't allowing that type of content to be uploaded anymore so i made the switch to twitter um in 2019 as well as joining only fans when only fans was just a little baby and it wasn't really well known um so for about a year i didn't really do a whole lot it was very passive i would upload videos and pictures more so than i did to my twitter um and just was like i haven't only fans if you want to join it whatever it was very passive i didn't try to advertise it i didn't put it on any other social media or anything like that until i kept hearing from people you know you could you could do a lot better you could make a lot more if you just put it out there more which is when i got introduced to reddit um so i joined reddit probably last last year in 2020 like april and i got a huge a huge influx of new followers um and then it was kind of that's when i had the actual realization like oh they're they're serious like you can really make a [ __ ] ton of money on on only fans um and so i started talking to other content creators and learning the potentials and learning the ins and outs of how to um how to promote um different ways to promote and uh so it's kind of just grown from there pretty much so what's your plans for this year are you looking to expand more i know you said uh you're kind of geared up for it but what are you looking to do this year to kind of grow it um i'm gonna kind of keep going on the same track that i've been going down um i have been in contact with different content creators and um i would like to do some traveling which i do have a couple trips planned so traveling um because everyone's so widespread but um in doing collaborations with other content creators um i'm not going to do anything crazy or different i'm just going to kind of keep doing what i do like this is my life and these are things i like to do and so i video it and put it on my page it's not fake um some of the stuff i've seen is just i don't know very commercial um or or fake looking or um or there's even some pages where it's just they hardly put anything on there it's very minimal um these people still make a lot of money but um i feel like mine's just mine's a little bit different because i put a lot of i put a lot of content on there and it's not just it's not just for the money it's like hey this is what i like doing like i want to show everybody 

 so the 4 000 pictures and 600 videos you have on your uh site was that any of the stuff that you had from like your tumblr days or snapchat days or is this all been stuff since you started only fans no this is all this is stuff i have videos that go back four years that was way before i ever thought about doing anything and it was mostly stuff that i would do for tumblr or for you know my boyfriend at the time or somebody i was dating or interested in and just it's just something hot i like to do to show off like i said i'm quite the exhibitionist um i'm also in the lifestyle i consider myself a swinger so i have a network of friends that are fun and open-minded and we like to all like hang out and do fun stuff together too so that's helpful so since you've kind of been um having relationships um as a swinger so you've never had any type of uh friction with a boyfriend or your husband with with you doing this type of work um i wasn't into any of this when i was married i was married for for like 13 years um i really haven't had a true relationship in the swinging lifestyle i've been single for most of it which is honestly easier i did have a short relationship and it did cause issues he was very open to the lifestyle but when it came down to it he was a bit too insecure and jealous and he just couldn't handle it which which is fine it didn't work out um and i you know i just recently started dating someone i'm always very open and honest with everything that i do um so it's kind of like if this is too much for you i totally understand probably um won't match up but he's been he's been very understanding he doesn't particularly want to be filmed per se because of his job and he has possibly recognizable tattoos but he's been pretty supportive and understanding and then um you know the lifestyle stuff and the friends that i hang out with he's been great about that and we've had a lot of fun so so far would he consume the content if you're like with another guy like or does he avoid that um he is okay he's okay with that like as long as i'm up front and let him know what's going on he's totally fine with it that's awesome um what i was going to ask earlier is uh are you looking to eventually kind of replace your um like make this your full-time income at some point


um technically it it is my full-time income simply because it i make quite a bit more doing that than i do being a paramedic um i still work full-time i still work 36 hours a week um i mean i still that's still my full-time gig that's my i mean and i love it so i can't really see myself giving that up even if i made plenty of money through only fans i would still work part-time so even though this has been a great avenue for me to um because i was working 60 90 hours a week before normal paramedic shifts that's crazy just being a paramedic because we're so low paid and then this afforded me the opportunity to be able to take some time off and not work my ass off all the time and be able to enjoy my life a little bit more so it's it's been it's been pretty awesome that's that's cool and you're doing stuff that you would be doing anyway right pretty much yeah pretty much that's awesome so yeah because that part i won't ever stop doing like because it's fun to me yeah it's just i just happen to be able to make some extra cash doing it so so prior to tumblr were you like you said you're an expedition expeditionist uh was that like that come later in life or were you were you always like that even when you were younger i was not like that i nev i grew up catholic i went to catholic schools i was like hardcore catholic family i went to all girl catholic school it's um nothing like that at all i didn't grow up i was just clueless and then and then i got married really young and i have let me have four kids and so it was everything was just very kind of straight laced in vanilla nothing super crazy or kinky and then i got divorced and i met a guy who's who's much more sexually experienced than i uh did not grow up like me and then kind of opened up my world to some things i never knew about so an awakening um yes it was it was like there's so many things out there i never knew so that kind of started the whole thing and then like of course i when i was towards the end of my marriage i got a boob job which boosted my confidence like no other because before that i mean there i wouldn't even walk around naked in my house i i was like embarrassed your ex-husband pay for him yeah he did


so um and he knows about this stuff because it it all got out oh really so that was kind of a mess for a little bit but i mean he doesn't really give me [ __ ] about it or anything like that so um i'm just saying he's probably in his head he's thinking like why weren't you like this when we were married


was he prudish at all or was he like trying to get you do like more stuff or and you kind of were like turning it down or was he just like because he never i mean he never truly tried we talked a little bit about doing a threesome with another girl and that was it like we just talked about it we never did anything and i had never been with a girl like truly been with a girl um like until the end of my marriage um i actually seduced a lesbian friend of mine because i wanted to see what it was like and that's when i realized like yeah i'm bisexual i'm not just curious i'm i'm i'm bisexual so um so yeah it was it was it's like night and day it was not like this i was married so uh i have a hell of a lot more fun for sure now being with the girls like a casual wednesday now ah i don't think it's a casual wednesday because i like guys way more it's not like a 50 50 thing like i'm way more into guys i find some girls attractive and they're fun to play with sometimes but it's not like i don't have them lined up all the time to hook up with or anything like that so but it's fun upon occasion so you said uh everyone kind of found out about it like you might go into that a bit like exactly how that played out um well it was basically somebody that was just trying to get back at me for something and um sent a bunch of and made an instagram a fake instagram which is instagram of pictures from of me from tumblr and then friend requested a bunch of my friends and family and that's kind of how that whole situation got out there um and you know people at work started to find out um so i kind of had to sit down and explain it to my kids three of them are older so it made a little easier i was like look i don't make any money doing what i do you see me work my ass off i'm hardly home i said this is just a way that i'm using some different skills to make some money and they're like you know what it's not affecting us in any way um you're a great mom and so we support you with whatever you want to do just don't involve us and we're fine with it so that's kind of what it came down to um employers did find out which i was a little worried about as well but so far all of them have been said the same thing as long as it doesn't involve work we don't care what you do in your personal life so it's been great it's awesome how'd your uh family and all taking it like uh i know i'm assuming since you're raised catholic your parents are probably catholic yeah my mom has no idea and nobody will tell her because she would be really pissed heart attack yeah i mean she's like 80 years old she doesn't need to know any of that stuff um so my sisters know they they don't love it but they don't treat me any differently or talk to me any differently so it's good yeah yeah


yeah um all right uh i have some questions you guys just want to start going into questions or is there like you know anything sounds good okay so so about the only fans community itself though like what kind of gravitate towards that instead of like other communities because there's uh i know there's uh the webcam sites and stuff like that was there anything in particular about only fans that you liked a lot


i guess the ease of um not having to deal with the financial stuff because they they take their um they they take their 20 and then i get mine and it gets gets deposited i don't really have to do a whole lot of brain work when it comes to any of that um they keep track of the monthly subscriptions or whatever it is it was easy enough user-friendly enough um wasn't complicated i didn't look super hard into anything else i mean i know there's like pornhub and but like doing the cam stuff is not something that i felt like i could fit into my life because a i'm typically pretty busy and b my kids live here so um there's there's very limited amounts of time i'd be home alone and to do that and to me it's just almost a little bit awkward i mean i'm not opposed to it but it's just that to me feels more fake because it's like forced you have to stick to that right because you have to perform yeah rather than spontaneous or doing something that you actually want to do um i mean i know there's a lot of money in it and i'm not opposed to like doing a little bit of it to kind of get my face and name out there but just never been something i was like super into so one of the comments you just made about like pornography like would you consider just doing like regular porn at this point or not really does someone deal with the agents and the managers and all that yeah i don't that doesn't sound fun to me it sounds like it sounds like work and i think it would ruin the fun part of it i feel like you know because um i've never been super into commercial porn personally i mean there's some stuff that's kind of hot but to me it just kind of looks and seems fake i mean they're not enjoying them themselves i'm sure they are i have no doubt but i it just doesn't seem i've always liked the amateur stuff like people at home just [ __ ] because i like to so i mean that's the stuff that yeah i just i i don't think it would be fun and the people like the people i just don't think i have anything in common with with a lot of the people in that industry yeah i don't know i'm just i'm just a normal like milf stay-at-home milford like like i'm not i'm not that level i'm just not that level yeah because a lot of the girls in like the porn industry they usually only stay in for like a couple years or they kind of get burnt out on it or they just do all that harm to their body because there's having like lots of sex for like 15 hours a day for like months at a time like it's just this is not good for you yeah yeah like how you're approaching it you're you're just having sex anyway might as well record it and have fun yeah and it's not like i'm out there doing it from my job every day to where i'm getting worn out and it's like okay great i gotta do this i just do it when i want to do it see you mentioned do you do you um not do most of your recording at home do you do that somewhere somewhere else it kind of depends i do some of it here um and then i do like i mean i've done stuff outside i've done seven in other states i may or may not have done stuff at work i can either confirm or deny that um but so yeah sometimes at home i will like even if kids are here i'll be i'll be quiet or i'll wait till they're all gone and then i can do some stuff


so one of the things you also said is you plan on traveling and kind of like working with some other people on only fans just like that collaboration like do you have anyone you in particular want to shout out uh that you plan on working with this year um well one is your dream couple um they live out west and i'm actually supposed to be going there next weekend as long as there's no hiccups with the covid stuff election whatever um you never know um so and then there's um another one and i'm trying to think of her name offhand i think it's beth adore i believe and she lives a few hours for me and she's absolutely dropped out gorgeous she's recovering from back surgery so once she's on the mend completely we plan on doing collaboration um and then the other one uh hot for teacher she's another one the big one that's on reddit um and um so i've done a couple of collaborations with her and then um i have some local friends here that that are really fun um uh blonde hot wife 1986's they're great um i'm trying to think of the other ones um bc flyers 2016 they're they're they were pretty big on reddit until recently they had to take a little break but they aren't only fans so how does like these collaborations themselves come about it is like randomly message you or you message them like how do you yeah kinda i mean okay that yeah i tried reaching out to like people in the only fans community for about a week and you actually respond to me i even respond to you which was i thought was awesome but like i literally messaged like 50 to 60 people variously on reddit twitter um trying to find people that wanted like just to talk to me and like i got very little responses so i also would imagine how kind of luck you would have as like reaching out to these people yeah that's i mean maybe it's just because they want to be super private about it or i don't know i have no idea i mean i i don't maybe this might maybe my approach um because i'm like asking them like they're probably like a million direct messages from like dudes like me every day yeah that's what i was thinking it's probably good for yeah direct messaging and like yeah he wouldn't even like face like uh even pay attention to me that's yeah yeah that's right and actually it was you had sent a message to somebody else and he screenshot it and send it to me and i was like i don't think that's a terrible idea i mean i really don't like i'm on tick tock as well i'm not super i don't put a lot on tick tock it's i think mine has the same name on there as well pear princess 77 i think and um some of the videos that i put on there were just like um informative educational type stuff and i really quickly got a bunch of followers i was really surprised i was like you know what this there could be something to this so i actually put my the links to my different um like social media on there and i gained followers from there too i mean i haven't been super active on tik tok lately like i watch tik tock all the time because it's super entertaining um but it was just another way to get stuff out there but i like talking about stuff like this and being informative and educational and um i know it it doesn't bother me at all if someone was uh starting out um as a content creator for only fans would you give them any words of advice to something to to be wary of


oh that's a good question um i've helped multiple people get started with only fans um at least six that i can think of off the top of my head um and the one thing that i have told all of them is that you have to be consistent you get out you will get out what you put into it so if you're going to be lazy and not keep up with stuff then you're not going to get much out of it you're the the fans are going to lose interest and they're not going to stick around um i of course said you know if this is something that you're worried about getting out to family or friends you have to consider that too because it's a possibility somebody might recognize you and then put your [ __ ] out there so um that's always a warning um and that it's tedious it's not hard work but it is kind of tedious at times so i always warn people starting out like just just be aware especially with reddit it's not easy it's not easy posting on reddit there's a lot of like only fans like every person i see like seems to have like an only fans at this point uh like do you feel like the market might get like too saturated at some point we're just like i think it already has gotten to that point where it's overly saturated um apparently and i didn't know about this until later some hollywood actress put something on only fans and it blew up like her only fans blew up in one day and it actually caused only fans to have to put a cap on how much can be made by a content creator oh wow i can't think of who the actress is i'm sure it's out there i know it is and it wasn't anything like crazy yeah it wasn't anything super crazy that she even put on there but it blew up everybody found out about it and learned about it and then you have all these women that hear about only fans like oh my gosh i can make money so you have these college students that are trying to get through college doing it and you have your you know your older moms that like maybe stay-at-home moms that need some extra cash like oh [ __ ] i can do that um it's not for everybody i mean i'm sure there are people that probably aren't super successful um but there's i mean if you can find a niche in in in it because there's all kinds of you know the busty girls or the big butts or the um you know bigger girls or there's so many different things um that you can play on as far as that goes but at what point is it gonna get to where guys are gonna be like okay we can't we can't subscribe to all these people this is crazy yeah it's similar to like the streaming services there's netflix hulu hbo like you can't subscribe to them all and that's what i was kind of curious about that model because people only have a finite amount of money they can always maybe subscribe to a couple girls a month uh and they would kind of like rotate so i guess it's even more cutthroat for you at the constantly producing content to kind of keep those people on the hook if you will yeah oh yes it's it's really it's it's kind of stressful you watch your numbers go up and down like every day um you constantly have to worry about um promoting your own stuff which isn't super easy because you only have a certain amount of platforms and a certain amount of time during the day to do it so um and then you have um i'm in different groups like on telegram or i talk to other content creators and we do like share for share so you have i'm sure you've seen on my page some of the the ads for other women oh okay yeah i got you and that's that's that's how we get some of our stuff out there is um because those guys are already on on their pages they're already paying for that so here's to get some interest in somebody else and then they share my stuff the same the same day same time for 24 hours and that's how that works it's just another way to promote has that been like helpful like have you noticed like you've been gaining followers because of that or is it good it's because yeah absolutely helpful i when i joined it and then when i started to do the share for share with with other women i increased so so quickly it was you know i went from making 500 a month and then i was making a thousand and then it was 2500 and then 5 000 and and then it just kept going up from there i've kind of plateaued a little bit um so right now i only have just a little over a thousand followers i'm kind of like having a hard time getting back over the hump but i think it's because it's gotten so overly saturated so quickly i mean it's just everybody's doing it so um i think that's part of why so i know i'm very aware that this um this may go away at some point it may dwindle down so i'm just riding the wave while i can you know it seems like all you guys have gotten gone along pretty well in the only fans community you said that some people helped you when you first started out you said you've been mentoring some people um and you've been doing collabs and look forward to doing more collabs is there anyone that you've butted heads with uh in the only fans community


not that i can think of not yet anyway everyone has their own way of doing things their own way of promoting or their own way of setting up their own page um and there's no right or wrong way really it's just a personal preference so it's kind of hard to you know take anything personal as far as that goes because we all just kind of do our own thing um and i'm i'm all about helping other women and empowering other women and if this is one thing that they want to do i'm happy to help i mean it doesn't really i don't really gain much as far as money for me to help somebody else get started the only way i can make money off somebody else in that regard is if they sign up under me um and then i think i can get like a a portion a small percentage of what they make for the for their first year oh that's cool um so i've had a couple people do that after i found out about it because i didn't know about it um so i was just helping people for free but there's a lot of women that um that actually use that to their advantage is they they charge money to help women get started and to give something yeah yeah basically there's a lot of women that will do that they they the amount of money some of these women make is unbelievable crazy


that's cool so actually speaking about money one of the things i was worried i was curious about was like taxes how does taxes work for this like are you like are you filing as a uh employee for only fans or are they taking the taxes out like how does that work so they like i said they take 20 out so at least that part i don't have to worry about because they have to pay taxes on their portion that they take so what it's what i take home now when i did my taxes last year the year before i only made like seven grand or whatever it was so it really didn't affect me a whole lot but i do know that for 2020 it's a different story so what um friends of mine who are business accountants suggested that i do is that i start an llc so i actually started my own business um i just called it ls entertainment and that way um i have a business it will help with the taxes i can write thing anything off that i use for the business any equipment any travel um like when i met some of my friends for dinner to help them start their only fans explain what they had to do like i charged that i can write that off on my taxes um so that should help a little bit i also will buy promotion packages from other content creators that have a much higher like higher fan account than i do um there's no guarantee i'll get that money back but it's money that i can spend for my business and that i can write off on the top so it'll help a little bit yeah because i know like with the uh the snapchat stuff i know some of the girls got a lot of trouble because they weren't paying taxes on it yeah that was like one of the big things and i know that people can give you like tips and donations is that also tax or is that untaxed um anything that they that they tip or donate they only fans takes twenty percent okay and then it's just a lump fee that or a lump sum that we get you can get payouts weekly payouts monthly how everyone do it um and everything that i make that i bring home is what i will have to do as far as taxes go at the end of the year um and then for 2021 it's gonna be hopefully considerably more than even last year um but my friends will be helping me with all that stuff to help offset some of that because taxes is going to be a huge chunk and i'm having to save a huge chunk of money so i can afford to pay the taxes


i have a feeling though there's going to be content creators that don't really think about that oh yeah and they're like oh yeah got all this money all this money actually [ __ ] up yes yeah at the end of the year you're gonna be like oh [ __ ] i owe so much money now what do i do like i mean i can because i really didn't think about it at first because i didn't think i was ever gonna make enough money to make a difference and then when i did i was like oh [ __ ] they take that much for taxes oh my god that's so funny it's like such an afterthought for like most things like this or like you don't even think about taxes or how that's really yeah because it's always taken out it's a you know you get paid your normal job to take taxes out you know at the end of the year you typically like i know i've never owed ever i've always gotten money back so i'm nervous so so with the only fans is 20 all you have to pay or do they charge a monthly subscription as well to you or anything no it's just it's just that twenty percent cool do they have any content limits or like um can you can you post as much as you want or is there they do have rules there's certain words you can't say like you can't even use the word meat oh yeah i yeah i know they got in trouble for that for people using it as prostitution meetups and all yeah that was a big thing like yeah gotcha okay i was like what's wrong with saying like ribeye can you say that instead yeah no they're like usually like in cat like for encounters and stuff and like yeah everybody has a lot of trouble everybody yeah you can't um you cannot discuss meeting with anyone or hooking up with anyone it has to be done outside of of only fans i don't know if it's the same if you're talking with other content creators um because also only fans has a thing where if you have other people in your videos you're supposed to tag them that's kind of like their their permission that you they gave you permission to post whatever um so they do have they do have rules they have i don't think you're supposed to to take any pictures or videos outside like public nudity which is it's crazy because there are places that you're allowed to do that so yeah especially if it's your backyard or something like that yeah yeah if nobody else is around there's new beaches that you can take pictures at there's i mean there's all kinds of stuff so um somebody told me that they had their stuff got flagged and they had to take all that stuff down so they do have guidelines and rules i just um and some of them are kind of stupid honestly i mean emotionals are kind of stupid right exactly and the other thing that really sucks is with the amount of money that only fans makes their website is really glitchy and um it should have more um options available to be able to do certain things and it doesn't which is very frustrating what are some of the things you wish it had that it doesn't like what are some ways it could be better well um one of the things that it used to have is you used to be able to tell where your followers were coming from whether it was from um from a different content creator like um from a different only fans account if it was from twitter if it was from a certain link you could see how many fellow followers you had from different um parts of the country of of the united states different countries from everywhere which is really cool um you used to be able to what else could you do something with the fan count like how many recent people that you had in the last 24 hours that you gained because now like i'll go down i'm like i'm not really sure how many i gained how many i lost they don't have any analytics anymore they got ready no you can't see you used to be able to go and and show all your analytics and i i don't that hasn't been like all the statistics and answers some of it you can see some of it you can see and some of you can't and they change they don't have like a premium uh for uh only fans that you can sign up with that would have access to analytics or is just one one i don't think so if there is i'm surely not aware of it did that happen recently that they got rid of all that yeah it was probably in the last couple months they made some changes and they weren't for the better so yeah that it's weird and it's very glitchy like there's um telegram is a messaging app that i'm on that has multiple only fans groups and one of the groups is specifically for um only fans glitches and something else and it's where women get on there and be like okay is anybody having issues with this and this is going on and only fans is down and it must be growing too fast or something i don't know it's always been kind of not great um but it seems like it has grown in like the last like year or so like really heavy like it's like yeah endemic probably had something to do with that oh my gosh yes with people being that exactly people being at home not being being able to work and like oh my gosh i have to make money even guys lots of guys are doing it straight guys they're like i don't care 20 bucks is 20 bucks i don't care if a gay guy looks at me


anyway that's a i haven't seen a lot of men in the only fans i mean i really wasn't looking too much personally right but like i haven't like i don't see nearly as many guys are doing it compared to women yeah i'm kind of curious why that is i guess maybe just they don't want people to look at their junk uh i'm not sure um i know there's a you know a lot of the guys in the gay community do it but the thing is like there's not a lot of women that will pay to look at some guy's junk or watch a guy having sex it's pretty much only guys not saying that there aren't women that will pay for that i'm not saying that yeah yeah we were hoping you could mentor sheamus uh just getting started a couple hundred dollars trying to get started um not doing so well we'll just apply the baby oil and cameras is fine there you go do you know anybody in the bear community i don't i don't think you do but i know there's a niche for that i guarantee you those some of those gay men absolutely love the bears and they would they would love it i'll keep that in mind have you uh have you had any like run-ins with people like in the normal world that's like recognized you from like online like only fans are on reddit have you had any of those encounters or no i haven't um i'm not that big of a deal yet which is unfortunate but um the there are employees that i work with that know about it um but they don't really say anything to me they don't mention it they're not like hey i know you saw you naked like they don't make it weird or awkward which is really good because i feel like you know we're at work we should probably keep this professional um but as far as like does any like random people a out about i've never i've never had anyone say anything i would kind of be flattered honestly if someone's like oh my god i know you you have only fans i'd be like oh [ __ ] okay but not yet actually funny story i was on reddit earlier and i was like scrolling through and then i saw one of your posts on there and i'm like oh i know her


i'm almost there i'm


stalkers or any crazy like fans on only fans like like trying to reach out to you trying to like find like your work and [ __ ] like that like you've never had nothing super crazy i i've had a couple um guys get a little weird with me and um


where it got a little uncomfortable and it was just awkward and i was like i'm you know i don't i'm i don't want to be mean to anyone and i don't want to have to come out and say look i am completely and totally uninterested in you and there's absolutely no chance that anything will ever happen um so i try to do it very nicely and say you know i'm not able to or i'm you know i'm just not interested or whatever but it's gotten a little awkward i have not had any legitimate stalkers i haven't had anything anyone trying to look for me knock on wood because that would suck but um so far nothing nothing super creepy cool i know you when we talked last time you said you don't really do request stuff have you had anyone like request like someone really weird like what the [ __ ] yeah okay what's the weirdest one you've gotten so the two the top two that i can think of off the top of my head is one guy wanted me to spit in a water bottle and send it to him like okay i'm assuming he might like take drinks of it and like spit it back in maybe or just my spot i'm not sure what i'm trying to accomplish that just wanting my dna or um and then the other was a guy wanted me to take videos of me stepping on bugs okay that's definitely weird yeah and it was like you can wear shoes or you you could do a barefoot um yeah


it was you know i don't i don't really know what that was about i i don't want to king shame anyone but that's that's definitely the one the weirder ones i've heard of yeah i mean i'm a foot guy but damn yeah that was like above and beyond anything that i would have ever even thought about and then of course there's the uh the pooping and peeing and then what's another one um the the humiliation ones like the dick humiliation ones like where they want you to make fun of their dick huh i saw i've been seeing a lot of girls they've been posting uh dick ratings uh yeah i saw that too yeah okay that's amazing guys always want women to rate it i don't understand that part at all um again another i've only done it a couple times because i don't like i don't know because some of them i don't like and i don't want to say no i don't like it okay or you get a two sorry um two thumbs down could you could you rate my shirt


it was just it was it's just so awkward because i don't i don't want to be mean to anyone i'm just i'm a little bit too nice i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings especially i'm assuming those are your fans or people are subscribing to you so it's like even harder to like be mean to them because like yeah i don't want to screw anything up i mean they're paying me money and stuff so i have done one i've done a couple where i did it in a video and i got they paid me extra for it and i was like okay no big deal um but typically i don't do much as far as customs and that also is because of my lack of free time um i you know it already already takes time to take pictures take videos edit everything post it that takes a lot of time but um to add in all the requests and to try to time it when other people aren't home and i'm by myself it's like half the time it's just impossible and then i end up stressing myself over it so it's just not worth it to me like yeah i can do it is there any content you don't do i went through your catalog a little bit i know kyle went through it uh sheamus did not uh but is there anything in particular you just like don't want to put us on the internet i know probably like peeing or pooping like obviously but is there anything yeah that's gross like it's just gross you know yeah i don't care if someone likes it or wants to pay for it that i gotta draw the line somewhere


yeah don't ask me to make poop no no poops um i'm pretty open-minded and kinky in general so there's i mean there's not a whole lot like that i won't do like but you know i don't do legit pain you're never gonna see me get my ass whooped and bruises and all that crazy stuff um i don't do legit pain i don't do vomit i don't do poop um i'm not really big into me like being a dominant person like like dominating a man or woman i'm not super into that i wouldn't be opposed to doing it just for some fun switch content or whatever you want to call it but i don't do a whole lot of that i'm more of a submissive so so um how do you uh what goes into deciding like what what you're going to put into a video um i kind of sometimes watch what other people are doing or look at twitter or read it and like um that's that's sexy like that's attractive like that's a good idea um and i also see stuff like that just everybody's doing that like everybody's doing this or being fake and i'm like i'm not gonna um i like to be a little bit different i like to set myself apart from other people because and which is hard to do in this industry when everybody else is doing it right now um especially everyone's probably trying to copy each other and whatnot so yeah you're an innovator yeah and there's only so much you can do i mean what else are you going to do it's the sex of sex there's only something to spice it up so um the difference with in some of the different content creators and the pages um a lot of them will do a very low subscription price their monthly price is pretty low mm-hmm yeah i've noticed that yours is a bit higher yeah but then their content that they put in their page they'll do like soft core stuff for free but anything hardcore is pay-per-view like you have to pay for any of the hardcore video each each video is going to cost extra so you end up paying just as much if not more getting just to see their content beyond just a few pictures that they might post um mine i know me and kyle were surprised at like how much like hardcore stuff you had in yours at first like before i even looked i just assumed it was going to be more soft core and then like he told me like oh yeah she's doing all this i'm like really and i started browsing like holy [ __ ] i was totally surprised i actually really appreciate it because like i'm a fan of amateur porn like i hate like actual like filmed porn like when i look at it i'm like oh god yeah oh like i i can definitely appreciate like the approach that you have is um and then comparing it to to a lot of only fans or like the cam girls or it's like a forced like masturbation scene or something like it just doesn't it's not there's nothing sexy about that so no i definitely appreciate your effort like and we definitely gave it like a thumbs up i guess you could say


like no no but seriously like i mean like as far as like content-wise goes like i think anyone listening that that uh checks out your only fans like would be impressed yeah i know i i seriously was i get a lot of compliments um which you know kind of helps me keep it up because i i keep it pretty real on my page i mean i even post like normal everyday stuff like i just posted a video about i'm between waxing and i'm all like got peach fuzz down there it looks all crazy like it's not all glitz and glam and sexiness like there's there's some and i've even posted times when i've been depressed and really down and i'll say like sorry guys i feel like [ __ ] i'm not doing too good i'm pretty down and i'll get some really awesome supportive messages from people and it um it shows them that like i'm not i'm not just some sex dog oh yeah she's she's a real person she has feelings she she's a normal everyday person and i think they um can relate to that and appreciate it and so i get a lot of compliments as well as obviously the the stuff i put on there but just the fact that i keep it real too like i'm i'm fake i'm not fake i'm real so you said yeah like people reach out to you when you're like posting down do you have a people that would like do the opposite and like give you [ __ ] because you weren't posting that day you don't have like that toxic community at all i have not had anyone say anything negative like okay like where did you go what happened to you why aren't you posting you don't post enough of this i've had people say can you post more of this this that or the other but i've never had anyone be really negative about it um thankfully i mean with all the people that i've had over time everyone's been pretty cool um i've been i've been told by some of the guys that a lot of the pages are not worth the money that they spend because you know they they'll post these really sexy pictures and then they they hardly put anything as far as content on their page they post just a bunch of the same pictures and that's it and then it's not really worth the money so um as long as they're not complaining about my page like that then we're good you have like a core group of followers um like are you able to see that with only fans like a premium follower um they do show the top 10 or something of what yeah something to that effect and i can't remember where it is because they don't look at it all the time and then they also have a a setting or whatever where you can see where um how many subscribers have their rebill on meaning that it will automatically debit each month so it's they signed up for more than just one month so it'll keep billing them every month and i have over half of mine that are on rebuild which is awesome okay so but do you form like any special relationships with like in particular people that are just kind of consistently funding you um i make sure to message everybody that messages me i may not be able to message them back right away but i message everybody back and then people that have their rebill on i will send i will send like special a special video out to them i try to do it i just started doing it recently but i'm trying to do it you know often enough so that they they feel appreciated because you know the fact that they keep rebuild on i want them to keep it on so i mean i do that but i i respond to everybody they i i get the same a lot of the same people messaging me and so i make sure to always message them back i don't charge any extra to respond to messages i respond to everybody no matter how many messages they send me awesome so have you noticed um any commonalities between uh your fans is there is there a particular kind of guy that's uh that's interested or girl or girl or person yeah i don't know if i have any i mean i've had a couple that say they're girls i'm not convinced that they're girls




i know you never know because i don't know i think some guys think that if they pretend to be girls they'll get more attention or something i'm not really sure why they do it but um i've had all walks of life sign up and message me honestly like every


but some of them i never even see i don't know what they look like um but i get a lot of messages like oh my gosh you're so sexy like your content is amazing i love your page you know keep it up um but usually i don't i don't see a name i usually don't see a face so i don't i mean i don't even know what half these people look like i think he's like meeting like uh like a number of your subscribers were like men from like the age of 21 to like 24. like are you able to like those kind of demographics no and if i can i have no idea how to do that because i don't know that that's something that they have to put in when they sign up for online fans i don't know that they have to put in like a date of birth or anything i don't know so


did you guys ever sign up for only fans i had to sign up for our account and like it was a pain in the ass like it took like 30 minutes i'd like scan my id i had to take multiple pictures of my face what happened in the days of just clicking the button yes i'm 18 years old yeah it would that would be a lot better you got to protect their ass i guess yeah it was like i like said pictures of my id now i'm sorry some database or something and they charge me 10 cents on my credit card just to make sure it's a valid credit card it's like yeah you have to jump through a few hoops to get on only fans and to get an account it's kind of a pain in the ass at least like the the people that are there really want to be there then so yeah thanks for taking one for the team josh i literally like halfway through it this is ridiculous like i'm already done


no it's not your fault you didn't do anything like but it's just like this is too much work i will say on reddit a majority of the guys that message me on reddit are young like in their 20s they're always like oh my gosh i've always had a fantasy to be with a milf you're my ultimate male fantasy i'm a younger guy are you into younger guys so i'd say anywhere from like the 18 to 20 something range is most of the messages that i get on reddit so i'm sure a lot of those followers from reddit cross over into my only fans so i'm sure there's a lot of younger guys you know they're into that is there um is there anything that your fans do that you wish they wouldn't like something you wish they knew that they that they don't




well there is one thing like they'll ask if i have certain videos and i'll say yes i've got tons of those um you basically just have to click on the the video or the picture icon and then it brings up all the videos so it's not like you have to scroll through the feed to find stuff you can click on the little video icon and then it brings up all the videos and then you can go through you know each video um that way are your videos like tagged for like certain subjects like uh anal or threesome like is it easy to search for videos like i there's no way to categorize it or catalog it that's stupid yeah i wish there was because that would be great because i could make like i can make subcategories and put it into whatever category and it would be so much easier for guys to especially certain fetishes like okay i did some i did foot fetish stuff like this is all my foot stuff like that would be so much easier yeah you get this only fan stuff we'll revolutionize it yeah yeah let's just make our own sticker yeah you could probably do a lot better


and i don't know if there's any other sites that are comparable right now like i know there's pornhub i don't really know much about that i feel like there probably is but like everyone's own only fans it's like facebook it's so hard to like go somewhere besides facebook because everyone's already on facebook and so like jumping ships to like a different platform would be less like only fans goes under or something like that or they get shut down by the government for every reason it would be it would be awesome if only fans had a website that you could actually search for specific types of models specific types of content yeah yeah by price so that they could do a search within only fans um that would make it awesome for the content creators first of all and yeah especially if you're specifically like you're in the milf community so like you want people like look for milk so you want them to find you yeah exactly yeah that's really odd it's unfortunate that they don't though yeah that's really silly but it's also against the good thing with reddit with all the subreddits uh you can just blast yourself on whatever subreddit you want and kind of find have people find you there yes but it's just a pain in the ass to yeah oh yeah each one individually and then you get um these guys that live in their parents basement make all these crazy rules like you can't post here you can't post that you can't you got banned gosh darn it yeah i think that's a lot of reddits here yeah you got banned for posting our podcast yeah oh geez that's not good yeah there's a lot of uh subreddits that you can't post in if you have only fans period if you're only fans anywhere in your profile you cannot post and you know a lot of times you don't think about reading all the specific rules so you just like oh here's one for asses let me post here and they're like nope you can't because you have only fans you're banned [ __ ] you that's like the stupidest like guy like right he reads sometimes like it says oh yeah i was so when i first started it i was like this is [ __ ] i don't like reddit this is absolute crap all these stupid rules i was like i just want to post and go about my day and then i couldn't post because i didn't have enough karma i was like what is karma come on and i i had to have a certain amount of karma i had to have a certain amount of posts and i was like oh my gosh this is such a pain in the ass but it legitimately really helped increase my um the views and increase my um my fans on only fans so i was like well i can't knock it because it's helping so i just put up with it and on my twitter is my twitter which i have like over 15 000 followers on got temporarily suspended because of a one of the profile pictures and they won't let me change it and no one has gotten back to me about the suspension appeal and i'm sitting here waiting so now i have i have no twitter access and i can't promote on twitter so you and donald trump are in the same group yeah we got our hands slapped


because so i might have to start over on twitter which is such a bummer yeah it's like so much work that's that's terrible it's a lot of work yes so much work it's tedious okay uh we're hitting about the hour mark um i don't know if you wanna i said we would only have you on for an hour unless you want to keep talking uh do you guys have any more questions i mean i don't want to keep you here all night if you have other things to do um i just have uh one question would you recommend um like let's say like if your daughter wanted to do only fans like later on down the road would you recommend it to them or not




i mean i wouldn't


i wouldn't like dissuade them i wouldn't say no you shouldn't do that i think that would be super hypocritical of me to do i can't picture either of them doing that but if they wanted to i would say i mean if that's really what you want to do that's totally fine um and i wouldn't mind giving advice or helping out either so cool cool


so is there anything else you want to say before we go yeah i i have you uh blast uh any of your sites and whatnot and any shout outs you want to do


um well i'm i'm on instagram not i don't put a whole lot on there but on instagram i think it's para underscore princess 77 um and then reddit's the pear princess 77 same as my only fans um i'm on fetlife as the pair princess 77 and then i'm on twitter's paraphrase or yeah twitter's paraphrasing 77 but i'm suspended so until i can get that situated i don't know what's going to happen with that um but feel free to check out my page and um you know it'll be worth it trust me i run promos all the time too so it's not always full price so that's another thing i always see these girls running promos for their only fans i'm always constantly saying that yeah oh yeah um and that helps i mean because people are like oh it's on sale then i'll go ahead and get it you know it's um not that it's a lot of money technically but i think it's great that guys are even willing to pay considering porn is free pretty much anywhere on the internet you can find almost anything you want for free so that the fact that they're willing to pay for a real-life person um and yeah i think it's that personal touch like because like you said you'll message them you'll talk to them you'll post about your real life so i feel like people that are missing that in their life that gives them that outlet where they feel like oh this is actually a person i'm connecting to to some degree whereas like if you go watch videos like tori black on the internet like obviously she's not going to talk to you and yeah yeah yeah it's just it's different it's a different world for sure um but i absolutely appreciate the fact that i'm able to do it and make some money doing it so awesome yeah that's really cool we really appreciate you coming on no problem thank you very much glad to be here